Fall Harvest Quilt Along Week 3

We are well on our way in our quilt along, after this week, you’ll be almost half done with the quilt!

This week we are working on our potatoes and broccoli. The broccoli is going to go together just like the pumpkin and tomatoes last week. Just make sure to keep track of the little pieces. The potatoes do have a rectangle in one corner, so we will walk you through how to use the same stitch and flip quilting technique to finish them, they just get set up a little differently. I demonstrate how to tackle them in the video. We will use this same technique in some of our other blocks later on in the quilt along as well. Aside from that, the potatoes are the easiest block, only 2 corners per half and should go together very quickly.

Next week we will be doing the carrots and squash. Pay close attention to the measurement marks and lining up of the carrots if you work ahead. I’ll be demonstrating them next week so you make sure you don’t lose that point when you sew the blocks together.

While working on your quilt, don’t forget to post photos on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing your progress and want to cheer you on. When posting, make sure to tag us @onwilliamsstreet and use the hashtag #fallharvestQAL so we don’t miss any of your posts. So, throw on a movie, grab your fabric and supplies, and starting cutting!

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