Fall Harvest Quilt Along Week 6

Today starts week 6 of our Fall Harvest Quilt along and the last of the vegetables! After this week, all we have left to do is to sew the top together and we are done.

For vegetables this week we will be making the green peppers and eggplant. In our video, we are going to walk you through your green pepper blocks and show you how to line up the stem pieces.

After you finish up all of your vegetables, set them aside and we’ll sew them together next week. I’ll also be back with a video all about quilting ideas for your quilt top, from all over quilting designs to varying levels of custom quilting ideas. There is so much you can do with this quilt top and we are excited to see them finished!

While working on your quilt, don’t forget to post photos on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing your progress and want to cheer you on. When posting, make sure to tag us @onwilliamsstreet and use the hashtag #fallharvestQAL so we don’t miss any of your posts. So, throw on a movie, grab your fabric and supplies, and starting cutting!

If you still need the pattern, you can order it through our Etsy shop: Fall Harvest Quilt Pattern

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