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Much of our year has been working on the biggest project we’ve done to date. When we decided we were going to self publish a book, we had no idea it would be like birthing a baby. It’s been 100% worth it though and we have learned so much! We have appreciated all the love and support for this project and are so excited to announce our first book tour! We have an amazing line up of quilters that have been sewing up blocks from our I Spy book to share with you. There are so many cute blocks and ideas coming your way. You’ll definitely want to head to each post to see what they came up with.


The schedule is as follows:

November 30: Kimie and Missy of On Williams Street
December 1: Audrey Mann of The Cloth Parcel
December 2: Jen Frost of Faith and Fabric
December 3: Bea Lee of Bea a Quilter
December 4: Sarah Goer of Sarah Goer Quilts
December 5: Joanne Harris of Quilts by Joan
December 6: Susan Smith of Stitched by Susan
December 7: Simone Fisher of Simone Quilts
December 8: Lissa LaGreca of Lovingly Lissa
December 9: Catalina Barcelo of Amarar Creacions
December 10: Laura Strickland of Orange Blossom Quilts
December 11: Laura Piland of Slice of Pi Quilts
December 12: Carolina Moore of Always Expect Moore
December 13: Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis
December 14: Kim Niedzwiecki of Go Go Kim

To celebrate, we are including a special coupon code for the book. Check out the individual blog posts to get the code.

I Spy is a modern foundation paper pieced quilt that contains 100 different 4″ blocks, all of random everyday items. The list of items came from suggestions of family and friends, with our own favorite items thrown in. We had so much fun curating and designing the perfect blocks for this quilt. Not only do they make the cutest quilt, they are perfect for lots of other little projects. You could use them for pillows, bags, mug rugs, and so much more!

New to foundation paper piecing? Don’t worry, we include instructions in the book and you can also watch our video tutorial: Learn the Foundation Paper Piece. Each block is also labeled with a difficulty between 1 and 3. Start with the level 1 blocks, then move up to the level 2 and 3. By the time you are done, you will be a FPP pro!

The templates are included as downloadable file to make printing easy. No copying from the book necessary. You can easily print as many as you need.

You can get your copy of the book in our Etsy Shop!

I Spy Quilt Book

Happy Quilting!

Kimie and Missy

11 Replies to “I Spy Blog Hop”

  1. Is the e-book available for sale?

    1. Soon! We are finalizing it now and it should be ready in a couple days.

  2. This does indeed look like a must-have book for the year.

    1. Aw thank you!

    2. Cynthia Romo says: Reply

      I bought the I spy paper piece book. I entered the website http://www.onwilliamsstreet.com/
      Ispytemplates and it says not found? I want to print out the templates. Is there any way to send them to me in an attachment or email. I really want to make this quilt for my grandkids. Please advise how I can get the templates. Thank you.

      1. Use this link! https://www.onwilliamsstreet.com/ispytemplates/ I’m not sure why yours wasn’t working. I’m sending you an email directly as well to make sure you see this.

  3. Carmel Mah says: Reply

    I have found a couple of mistakes. One is the train, the other is the fire hydrant. Do you have any corrections posted.

    1. There are not. I will double check both of those places and post something!

  4. Carmel Mah says: Reply

    Are their any corrections posted to the blocks?

  5. Terry mousseau says: Reply

    I do not own a printer (my computer is too old to be compatible)
    I bought the book thinking the patterns would be included
    What are my other options?

    1. I’m sending you an email!

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