2021 Mystery Quilt Along - Month 6

Kimberlee Tanner

Due to the large bold nature of some of our designs, we have to deal with large templates. This month, we are going to be printing, taping together, and cutting out the big pieces for the quilt. Still need month 5? Head to the link below.

2021 Mystery Quilt Along Month 5

The biggest thing to keep in mind as we get started is printing! When you download the templates and print them out, make sure you are printing them at 100%. Some printers will say "no scale" others will specify "100%". Double check that they are printing correctly using the 1" square box on the templates. It should measure 1" exactly. Even a little small or big will make everything the wrong size

Month 6 Templates

Something to keep in mind. We will be working on different parts of the quilt throughout the year, it’s not a block by block design. We recommend finding a container or bag to keep all the parts in so they are easy to find each month.


Sharing pictures?  Use #sparkmysteryquilt and don’t forget to tag us @onwilliamsstreet when posting on social media so we don’t miss it.

The quilt finishes at about 60×72″. You can find all of the fabric requirements and color suggestions in month one.

Missing a step? Find all blog posts on our main Quilt Along Page.

Spark Mystery Quilt Along 2021


For this month we will be using the Yellow HST panels we made, plus the remaining purple, green, and white fabric. 

Making the templates

After you have the templates printed, we need to tape them together! Using the diagrams below, tape each set to make the large pattern pieces. Keep in mind the solid line is the sew line and the dotted line is the cut line. Use can use either tape or glue to attach the pages. We won't be sewing on these, simply using them to cut out all the pieces of fabric. If you are using prints, you'll want the print side up before placing the template on top of the fabric.

Template A - Green Fabric

Template B - Yellow HST 3x4

Template C - Yellow HST 4x4

Template D - Purple Fabric Small

Template E - Purple Fabric Large

Template F - White Fabric Small

Template G - White Fabric Large

After all of the templates are taped together, lay them out on the coordinating fabric and secure with pins. We recommend making sure that you lay both pieces out on the purple and white to make sure they will fit before cutting. Watch the video to see how we placed them! Cut them out and keep them organized with the right template. Next month we will sew them all together!

As always, if you have any questions ask! We are here to help. Happy Quilting!

Kimie and Missy

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