2021 Mystery Quilt Along - Month 7

Kimberlee Tanner

This month for our Mystery Quilt Along, we are going to sew together all those giant curves we cut out last month. The nice thing about these curves, are that the bigger they are, the easier they are. Missed last month? You can find it here:

2021 Mystery Quilt Along - Month 6


Before we get started on the large curves, grab your stack of 6 1/2" drunkards path blocks. We are going to split these into two groups. The first group will have 16 blocks and the second group will have 12 blocks. There's no set way you'll need to divide them, simply separate out the different prints so you have a good assortment in each group.

Drunkard's Path Sections

We are going to be making the top and bottom sections of the quilt today.

For the top section, use the group of 16 block and sew them together in a 4x4 grid following the diagram below. We are going to be making circles out of the drunkard's path blocks.


For the bottom section, grab the remaining 12 drunkards path blocks and sew them together following the diagram below.

When we ironed our blocks, we opted to iron the seams open. This will help reduce bulk and make it easier to quilt later.

Large Arches

Now that the small drunkards path blocks are done, it's time to move onto the large arches we cut out last month.

We will be sewing these together into two sets as well. Starting with the large pieces, grab one of each color (they will be labeled Large on the template) and one of your green sections.

Mark the halfway point of the green section and the large yellow section. Pin the center together and then pin the edges together, making sure that they line up evenly along the edge. Add additional pins as needed and then sew 1/4" seam.

Press the seam towards the outer circle.

Next, we will add the purple section. (see diagram below to confirm placement). Again, mark the center of the yellow section and the center of the purple section. Line them up and pin as needed. 

Last, add the white section. This one will end slightly before the upper edge, so start by lining it up at the bottom, using the notches in the pattern to help. 

Small Arches

We are going to repeat the steps to sew the small arches together. Start with the green and yellow, then add the purple, and finally the white section. Press all the seams to the outer arch.

Top Section

After you have finished the arches, grab the large arches and the 4x4 drunkards path block. Sew the drunkards path block to the white side of the arches with the half circle touching the arches.

Bottom Section

For the bottom section, you'll use the small arches and the 4x3 drunkards path block. This time, swap the blocks so that they are opposite the top section.

And done! After you finish sewing the sections together, set them aside and we'll be back next month.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and happy quilting!

Kimie and Missy

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