Curate a Fabric Bundle

Kimberlee Tanner

How to Curate a Custom Fabric Bundle

Have you ever looked at the custom bundles shops and designers put together and longingly wanted to be able to do the same?

Do you feel like you can only mix and match fabrics from the same collection or designer?

Well, you don’t have to anymore! You can quickly and easily create your own fabric bundles, mixed and matched from the entire shop, regardless of designer, collection, or even manufacturer.

A couple months ago, our friend Erica shared this technique that I’m dubbing, The Best Friend Method, at our guild meeting. As soon as I learned it, I was so excited and knew I had to share it with you. Luckily Erica gave me permission, so here we are today, teaching you how to not only curate a custom fabric bundle, but to do so in about 15 min.

This method is very simple and will work to curate a custom bundle of solid or printed fabric. If you are combining solids and prints, I do recommend doing all your prints first, then adding in your solids at the end, as it should be fairly easy to match some to the collection at this point. Trying to mix them in with the prints using the best friend method can create some wonkiness in the collection if you tend to go for contrasting fabrics like I do.


Start off by simply finding a fabric you love and want to include. This can be any fabric from any collection. After you have decided on that, your only task is to find that fabric’s best friend. Once this is done, set that fabric aside, and find the new fabric’s best friend. You are not going to worry about the first fabric or go back to it at all, only focus on the fabric in our hand. After you’ve done that, put the second fabric aside and only focus on finding the third fabric’s best friend. Carry on and keep going in this same manner until you have found the number of fabrics you would like or need. After you have all of your prints picked out, go back and add in solids if you would like. I simply matched the solids to some of the dominating colors in the different fabrics.

When you are all done, take your amazing new bundle home and create something amazing with it. I’ll warn you though, this method is addicting and you may find yourself creating custom fabric bundles for fun on a Friday night!

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