Easily Line Up Blocks with Sashing

Kimberlee Tanner

Sashing between blocks can be the perfect addition to some quilts, but keeping it lined up and looking perfect isn't always fun! This week we are sharing our tips to quickly and easily line up sashing so that you have straight lines both horizontally and vertically.


Sashing in Quilts

When we are talking about sashing in quilts, we are simply referring to strips of fabric in between the blocks. This can be in between some blocks, or all the blocks. Regardless of how much, or little, sashing the quilt has, it can make it harder to line up your blocks. Instead of having the seams next to each other to make sure each block starts and ends where it should, you now have strips of fabric separating the blocks. 

How to Line up Blocks with Sashing

  1. First, you will line up the edges of the rows or blocks you are trying to join. Making sure that the edges match up before you worry about the blocks will make it much easier later.
  2. As you are lining up the edges, you'll want to match them as well as you can, make sure that the sides of the rows match, and if it's a longer row, mark the halfway point on both rows and match those up. Put a pin in the middle and at the start and end of the row.
  3. Now, very gently, fold back the top row where the sashing or edge of the block is. You'll want to fold it back far enough that you can see the top of the quilt row where the seams are. 
  4. Once you can see exactly where the row is, line it up with the row underneath, matching any sashing or seams. Gently fold the top row back so that it lines up along the edge of the bottom row and pin in place. We like to put a pin on all seams that we want to match. If we are lining up sashing, we'll make sure to use 2 pins, one on each side of the sashing.
  5. Repeat with all points where the sashing or blocks need to be lined up. 
  6. After everything is pinned, sew it together and enjoy or nicely lined up blocks!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! We're here to help. 

Happy Quilting!

Kimie and Missy

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