Have you stretched your creative muscles recently?

Kimberlee Tanner

A few weeks ago while teaching a ruler quilting class, I mentioned to one of my students that on my longarm, I have to hold my ruler with my left hand and guide the machine with my right. My brain just doesn’t work to guide the machine with just my left, even along the edge of a ruler. This particular student just happens to be a counselor and is all about brain stuff. She mentioned, “but just think how much more creative you might be if you force yourself to use your right hand to hold the rulers.” I immediately started pondering and considering. Often, we just accept the way things are, but when we force our brains to do new things, they really can grow and make us better.

So this week, I’m sharing 4 different exercises you can do to help stretch your creative muscles and also help you get out of those pesky ruts we sometimes find ourselves in. Take a look at the video, and store one or all of the ideas for the next time you need a little extra push.


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