How to Free Motion Quilt Loopy Rows

Kimberlee Tanner

This week we are learning a new free motion quilting motif! To aide you in finishing your quilt tops, we are sharing lots of free motion quilting designs that I love to use on our quilts. I also share little tips and tricks that I use to quilt on my domestic sewing machine.


This is a fun and easy design that is great for beginner quilters (or more experienced ones that just need to get the quilt done!)

New to free motion quilting? Check out our Beginning Free Motion Quilting Course. We walk you through setting up your machine, creating your quilt sandwich and 7 of my favorite beginning free motion quilting motifs, with lots of variations: 

Beginning Free Motion Quilting Class

If you have quilted all over loops, this design uses the same movement. However, instead of quilting loops in all sorts of random directions, we are going to quilt them in rows in a pattern. Start by drawing two loops next to each other in the same direction: 

After the first two loops, switch direction and create two more loops, flipping over the invisible bottom line. Don't worry about the empty spaces between the loops yet, we'll fill those in later.
Now, just repeat the same steps until you have completed the row. Remember, you want the loops to be next to each other, not on top of each other. This allows enough space for the next row to fit in between them.
After you have finished the first row, move over a little and make a second row. You can also go back and fill in the empty spaces at this point as well, or finish those after all the rows are done.
With this design, you can make the loops big for minimal quilting, or make them smaller for a more dense fill. You can also make the circles more round or tall and skinny. Grab your sketchbook and play around with a lot of different shapes and looks so that you can figure out what you like best for your quilt top.
I recently finished our Confetti quilt with this motif and love all the texture it creates.
Don't want to forget this motif? Pin the image below!
Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! Until next time, Happy Quilting!
Kimie and Missy

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