How to Make a Gradient Circle Flower Quilt

Kimberlee Tanner

How to Make a Gradient Circle Flower Quilt

If you love gradients as much as we do, this is a super fun and easy project to show them off. There are no fancy templates or drawing skills required. This block makes a really fun mini quilt, or you could combine them to make place mats, table runners, or a full quilt.

We are going to show you some of our favorite rulers for cutting circles, but they aren’t necessary. We also share a super simple way to get the circles you’ll need. Watch the video for the tutorial and check below for specifics on the sizes we used, but feel free to mix it up to fit what you want.


Fabric Requirements

White background – 14 x 20″

Flower Fabric – 5 different fabrics in varying shades from 1″-9″ square (or whatever size you’d like)

Green – 1 @ 3/4″x 16″ and 2 @ about 3 x 7″

You’ll also need a fusible web like Heat n Bond or a glue stick. Make sure your glue stick is washable.

As far as thread, we used a variegated for this project, but you can also match your thread to each of the different colors of fabric if you want it to blend completely.

Assembly Instructions

First, cut out your circles. We did 5 circles at 9″, 7″, 5″, 3″, and 1″. Place fusible web on the back of each circle. Cut out the centers of the larger circles to reduce bulk.

Cut your leaves. These are freehand. Place your 3 x 7″ green scraps on top of each other, right sides together. Cut a gently curve along the outer edge. Turn and starting at the top to create a point, cut another curve along the inner side of the scrap.

Layout the flower on top of the white background. We offset each of the circles in alternate directions to add extra interest to the finished piece. Attach the stem, putting the top underneath the flower. Place your leaves where you would like near the bottom of the stem. Trim the stem and leaves as needed to fit your placement.

Iron on your flower circles following the manufacturer’s directions for your fusible web. Applique around the outside of each circle and the outside of the stem and leaves. Repeat as desired or until you run out of gradient combinations of fabric. If necessary, purchase more fabric to create gradients in all the colors (we won’t tell). Add batting, backing, and quilt. Now layout your fancy flower quilt and enjoy your favorite drink in the sunshine.

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