How to Make Easy Applique Circles

Kimberlee Tanner

There are so many quilting tools available and we are excited to share some of our favorite tools and finds! When we first saw Applipops, we immediately new that we wanted to test them out and share them with you. After getting our own set and playing around with them, we loved how easy they are to use and all the options you have for incorporating them into quilting projects. Making circles with nice even edges is one of the hardest things to accomplish by hand and this tool makes it a piece of cake!


What are Applipops?

Applipops are a set of metal circles that nest inside of each other and make it really easy to create fabric circles, ready to applique! Because Applipops create a turned edge circle, you can use them for hand applique or machine applique. They come in two different sets offering 4 different sized circles in each set.

Where Can I Buy Applipops?

To buy Applipops and get all the official information, head to their website: https://www.applipops.com/. We don’t get anything for promoting them, we just think they are such a genius idea and great tool! If you like to applique and find yourself needing circles, this is the easiest way we have found to make them.

How to Use Applipops

  1. Pick your size. Your circle will be the size of the smaller circle you pick. You’ll want the size of the applique and the next circle up to make your finished circle.
  2. Cut your fabric. You need it to be bigger than the larger of the two circles.
  3. Place your fabric right side down on top of the larger circle. Press the small circle into the bigger one until it’s tight and held in place.
  4. Trim your fabric as needed.
  5. Add liquid starch and finger press the edge of the fabric in towards the center.
  6. Press the fabric into the center with your iron. Be careful, the metal gets HOT!
  7. Let cool. Take the circle out of the Applipops and give a quick press if needed.
  8. Done! Place in your quilting project and applique as desired.

How to Use Applique Circles in Quilt Blocks

These circles are really very versatile. You can use them inside other patterns, especially for anything that calls for small circles, or make designs from just circles. Make a bunch and play around. You can make quilt blocks or mini quilts. I imagine pillows, bags, and more!

Happy Quilting!

Kimie and Missy

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