How to Quilt Triangles

Kimberlee Tanner

Now that we are done with all 12 blocks in this years free skill building quilt a long, we are ready to start quilting! Before we get started, I have one more set of ideas to share. When you are done, go grab all your other quilting plans and finish up your top! Don’t forget to post photos of your finished project and tag us @onwilliamsstreet so we don’t miss any.


Block Quilting Plan 1

This plan utilizes lots of straight lines to accentuate the shapes of the triangles. I started out by echoing each of the center triangles from the corners, and then doing a second row closer to the edge. After that, the points on the star got straight lines pointing towards the center. The quilting plan finishes off with a border and pebble fill.

Block Quilting Plan 2

This quilting plan starts by combining the white and yellow triangles to form a diamond and filling them with a feather. We used straight line echoes in the gray triangles and dark green triangles to draw the focus to the feathers. You could easily put these lines closer or farther apart depending on how dense you want your quilting. To coordinate with the feathers, I added a small feather to the light green triangles as well.

Block Quilting Plan 3

This quilting plan treats all the center triangles as one element. I started by outlining the center octagon and then echoing it to make sure it stood out. After that, I put a second outline farther inside the shape. This created a nice border to fill in. I chose pearls. The center area was too big to leave blank, so I filled that in with small pebbles to match. For the outside points, again, I echoed them first. This little bit of negative space really separates the areas to make sure they don’t blend in to each other. I alternated swirls and straight lines to fill them in. For one final accent on the octagon shape, I echoed around the entire block and filled in with more swirls.

Full Quilting Plan 1

The way the triangles combine in this overall quilt, they seem to form curves! I decided to play off of that and use concentric circles in the background for this quilting plan. This is a fun and simple way to fill in all the negative space without distracting from the blocks themselves.

Full Quilting Plan 2

For this second quilting plan, I used the edges of the dark green triangles to pick out diamonds. I then echoed these and filled with a fun flower type medallions. I used straight lines to create a frame and connect the diamonds in the negative space. I chose to go behind the triangle points, but you could just as easily keep your frame between them. A quick echo created a defining border and then you just need a couple of quick fills. I chose wishbones and pebbles.

Don’t forget to print out the images below so you can sketch your own ideas! Doodling and sketching is one of the easiest ways to improve your own free motion quilting.

Happy Quilting!

Kimie and Missy

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