Valentine Throw Pillow

Kimberlee Tanner

DIY Valentine Throw Pillow

Growing up our mom would always have lots of fun craft and sewing projects to decorate for every holiday. It was so fun seeing the house transform for each season with all the amazing projects she completed. Now that we have our own houses, we love to add in touches of each holiday season to our homes as well. This week, we are sharing a quick and easy Valentine’s throw pillow you can make to add to your holiday decor!


Fabric Requirements

This project requires:

  • White – 1/2 yard
  • Pink – 1/2 yard
  • Red – 1/2 yard
  • Backing – 1/3 yard
  • Batting – 16″ square
  • Scrap – 16″ square


  • White – 18 @ 1 1/2 x 16″
  • Pink – 17 @ 1 1/2 x 16″
  • Red – 17 @ 1 1/2 x 16″
    • The video states 18 of each, but you’ll actually only need 17 of the pink and red
  • Backing – 2 @ 12 x 15

Pillow Instructions

Step 1: Take a red strip and a pink strip, lay them on top of each other and sew a 1/4″ seam down one of the long sides. Repeat with the remaining strips. TIP: We recommend chain piecing these, don’t cut the thread in between, just keep feeding strips through.

Step 2: Press to one side and then fold them in half with the seam to the inside and along an edge and press.

Step 3: Layer one white strip, one pink/red strip and another white strip. Sew a 1/4″ seam along one long side.

Step 4: Repeat, using the top white strip that you previously sewed as the bottom white strip for the next sandwich. Make sure that you are keeping either the pink or red on the top for all seams.

Step 5: Press, making sure that all the red/pink strips are pressed in the same direction.

Step 6: Layer your pillow top on top of the batting and scrap fabric. Mark the center of your pillow top. Sew a link down the length of the pillow across all of your strips.

Step 7: Measure over about 3 inches from this line on either side. Sew another line at this mark making sure to twist each of the strips so that the opposite color is showing.

Step 8: Repeat across the top of the pillow, twisting the opposite direction on each new line.

Step 9: Trim Pillow top to 15″ square

Backing Instructions

To prepare the envelope back, take one 12 x 15″ backing piece. Fold down 1″ along the 12″ side and iron, making a piece 11 x 15″. Fold this seam under 1/2″ and sew across the top to secure it in place. Repeat with the second backing piece.

Pillow Construction

Layer your pillow top and two backing pieces right sides together, lining up the backing pieces along opposite sides of your pillow front. Sew a 1/2″ seam around entire perimeter of pillow. Trim corners to make for easier turning.

If desired, zigzag around edges for increased durability.

Turn and stuff with pillow form.

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