What?!?! A blog post? Also, a little secret I need to admit…..

Kimberlee Tanner

Yes, it’s official, we are starting a blog. We’ve been talking about it for a while, and decided it’s finally time to set it up and have one place we can share all the amazing quilty goodness we have rolling around inside of our heads. So, what can you expect? We’ll write about tutorials, tips, new fabrics and designers we love, quilting plans in detail with lots of inspirational photos and love and encouragement! To make sure you don’t miss any content, take a moment to enter your email address to the form on the right and we’ll send you weekly updates. As a bonus, you’ll get our new amazing Ultimate Guide to HSTs, I’ll wait right here while you hurry and do that.

Alright, now that you are back and set to learn lots, I figured I need to start this blog out with a little secret. Before I tell you, you have to promise that you’ll hear me out and not immediately close this window and vow to never return after hearing my confession.

Promise? Ok, Good.  Here goes…….

I intentionally look for mistakes in peoples quilting.

You promised to stick around and let me explain, so don’t close that window yet!

I know you are asking, “Why would you do that?!?!” Okay, so I don’t look for mistakes in every quilt, but when I’m quilting, I see every single stitch up close and I know where all the mistakes are and sometimes it can be very discouraging. To counteract this, When I see quilting (that wasn’t done by a computer) or a pieced top that I feel is phenomenal, or when I come across a quilter I really admire, I’ll take a few moments and look for mistakes, not all of them, and not to point them out, just to assure myself they are there. After that I can say that the quilt is amazing IN SPITE of any little mistakes, and you know what, that means my mistakes are okay too. It’s so much easier to look beyond the imperfections of others and tell them they are spectacular, (I feel like I’m using every synonym I’ve ever hear in any Fancy Nancy book in this lone blog post, I promise, it’s not on purpose), than it is to look beyond my own mistakes. When I purposefully look for and see that they do exist in the quilts of those I admire, it’s a little boost of confidence in myself, and I know it’s okay to not be perfect.

So go for it, I give you permission, when you see something amazing and think “I will never be that good,” take a close up look, find something that isn’t perfect and then get move on. Continue to practice and learn and work everyday, but don’t lose your passion or what makes it fun striving for something that will likely never some. We are humans and we make mistakes, but that’s okay and part of what makes every piece so much more special. This is such an amazing community and I love learning and being inspired each day by so many different creators. I can’t wait to see where we all go next!

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