Catch and Release Project Party – How to Raw Edge Applique

Kimberlee Tanner

We are so excited that it is finally our day for Mister Domestic’s Catch and Release Project party! There have been so many amazing projects so far; it has been such an amazing group of creators to work with. If you haven’t checked them all out yet make sure you do!

When we first saw the fabric, we immediately knew we needed to do one of our kid quilts to feature it. We love being outside in the mountains and at the lake and jumped at the opportunity to design a quilt based around that theme.

The main feature on our quilt is 3 unique fisher kids that can be boys or girls by simple adding or removing pigtails. They each have their own unique accessories and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combination for your favorite fisherman. We like to mix and match skin and hair tones for variety, or you can match the skin and hair tones to the recipient of the quilt. This project really can be tailor made to fit exactly what you need.

Along with the 3 fisher kid blocks, we have 3 accent blocks, all featuring a fun aspect of the mountains or fishing. Our tree block goes together quickly using our favorite no waste flying geese method. The bobbers are a simple appliqued circle, and we finished it off with 3D prairie points for the waves on our lakes. We absolutely love adding in 3D and textural elements in our kids projects and we are sure you’ll love it too. Finishing the blocks off is a little embroidery for the fishing line. Missy is good at appliqueing tiny pieces, but that might be a little extreme, even for her.  We used embroidery floss and a simple backstitch. As with all of our patterns, Gone Fishin’ comes complete with full color diagrams, full sized templates and clear step by step instructions. This pattern also features layout instructions and fabric requirements for a baby quilt and twin sized quilt in addition to the throw size featured on the cover.

Possibly my most favorite part of the project (aside from the delicious fabric), is our addition of 3D fish. Sew them together and attach them to the end of the line with a few stitches so they dangle freely on the top. If you are afraid of small fingers pulling them off, they can be appliqued on with the rest of the pieces.

In this quilt, we use raw edge applique. If you’ve never done it before or are a beginner, don’t be intimidated by the small pieces. The key to success is to attach the pieces to your block using fusible web and to go slow. Missy has outlined her entire process in the video below. She goes over the fusible web we use, her machine settings, and all the techniques she uses on each of our kid quilt blocks. With these easy how to applique steps, you can confidently complete this project and many more to come.


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