Curves made easy – Two different ways to sew curves for quilts

Kimberlee Tanner

I used to avoid curves in any quilting project because I could never get them to line up correctly, especially the little ones. Things would always be screwy. I even tried buying facy feet, but nothing worked. I decided I was doomed to only sewing straight lines for the rest of my lift, until one day, everything changed. I saw a new technique I had never tried before. I don’t even remember what I was googling, but it was definitely quilting related. This technique was so simple and changed the way I looked at curves, and I can now happily and confidently use them in any project!

When piecing large curves for your quilt, we don’t do anything too fancy. We’ve found the standard pin method works great. Large can be subjective, Missy thinks anything above a 4-5″ block is large, I say it has to be above a 7″ block. We’ve noticed that the bigger the curve, the easier it is to sew and still maintain a nice smooth seam with things remaining straight and square. You can mark the center before pinning if desired, or check out below to watch Missy share a little trick she uses as she pins these large curve pieces together.

If you have a project with smaller curves or are struggling getting your seams to lay flat without puckers, you are definitely going to want to watch the magic technique we share this week. We first learned it as a way to do inset circles, but there is no reason to limit it to just those. This second technique using the template works for half circles as well. So, print out an extra template, make yourself comfortable, and watch how easy all those curves can be!

The quilt we are working on is called Windswept and will be available in our store the beginning of October.


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