Confections Quilt Along - Month 1

Kimberlee Tanner

We are so glad you are here! We are ready to get started on our 2022 free quilt along and are thrilled to have you join us. Confections is a fun, bright, colorful quilt that is fun to make and perfect for the beginner or experienced quilter. 


Before we start, a couple things about this quilt along, if you find us late, don't worry, you can start at any time and catch up as you can. We aren't going to take the posts or videos down, so they'll be here when you need them.

We do have a few kits left, so if you want a quilt that matches ours, head to the shop and grab one.

Confections Quilt Along Kits

For all the specifics for the quilt along and links to all the blogs, check out the main quilt along page:

2022 Confections QAL

We'll add each months link to that page and it goes over fabric requirements and schedule. We recommend bookmarking it if you would like to be able to always easily find the posts.

This month, we'll be cutting all 10 of your 1/2 yard colored fabrics up into 12 individual pieces. Each piece belongs to a different month. Organization will be key! We recommend finding bags, a box, folders, something you can use to lay your pieces in that is labeled for each month. It will make it much easier later on.

Cutting your Colored Fabric

Follow the diagram below to cut up your colored pieces. We walk you through this on the video as well.  Click the link to print out a copy of this diagram. A quick note, if your fabric is wider than 40", you can simply leave the extra length on your final sections. Save your leftover fabric pieces in case you end up with a mistake and need to recut something. There isn't a lot of extra fabric, but since we sized the pattern for 40" wide fabric, there will likely be a little leftover just in case. We definitely recommend taking your time and measuring twice and cutting once though!

Print this Diagram

Cutting the White/Background

You don't need to cut up the white ahead of time, you can leave it all as one piece and simply cut what you need each month.

For month 1 cut:

  • 2 @ 3 1/4" x WOF
    • Subcut into 20 - 3 1/4" squares
  • 3 @ 2 1/2" x WOF
    • Subcut into 40 - 2 1/2" squares

Note: We will need more squares of those sizes later, you can keep the leftover strips to use in later months. It's not necessary, but will save a little fabric.

Cutting Month 1 Colored Fabric

From each of your month 1 sections, we need:

  • 2 @ 3 1/4"
  • 1 @ 2 1/2"

Making the Quilt Block

Blocks will be 6 1/2".

  1. Take all of your white 3 1/4" squares and draw a line from corner to corner on the diagonal.
  2. Place one white 3 1/4" square on top of each colored 3 1/4" square. 
  3. Sew 1/4" seam on either side of the line.
  4. Cut on line.
  5. Press to the colored square.
  6. Trim to 2 1/2" blocks.

Layout your block using the 2 1/2" squares and HSTs following the diagram below. If you want all of your blocks to match, make sure that the HSTs go in the same direction on all blocks.


Sew the top row together, then the middle, then the bottom.

Press. Sew the three rows together.

Repeat with all 10 colors so you have 10 blocks of month 1. Press well, then lay flat for storage until we are ready to sew them all together at the end of the year.

We will be back for month 2, the second Wednesday of February!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Happy Quilting!

Kimie and Missy


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