Paradise - a Tula Pink Daydreamer Fabric Project

Kimberlee Tanner

When we were approached to see if we would remake Paradise in Tula Pink's new line Daydreamer by Free Spirit Fabrics, it was an emphatic yes! Bright colors, tropical vibes, and amazing prints? Count us in.

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We wanted to showcase as many of the prints as possible, so instead of using the original fabric layout, we went scrappy! The good news is, we've added this adjustment to the pattern, so you can easily go scrappy with it too.

We paired the new line with her true colors Hexy prints. We love how all of her collections work so well together! It was easy to mix and match and find combinations we loved.

There have been a few requests for kits and while we would love to kit this project, it's just not feasible at this time. We are including a full list of fabrics we used below so you can easily pull together your own fabrics to recreate our version!

Fabric Requirements for Paradise in Tula Pink Daydreamer

First, grab the pattern in our shop.

Paradise PDF Quilt Pattern

The easiest way to get the fabrics you need for the prints would be a fat eighth bundle of the collection. If you can't find a fat eighths, you'll need 1/4 yard of each of the petal prints. You will have leftovers, but you can set them aside for another amazing project!

Large Petal Prints - Fat Eighth or 1/4 yard

  • Lucy in Lagoon
  • Lucy in Dragon Fruit
  • Pretty in Pink in Mango
  • Pretty in Pink in Dragon Fruit
  • Macaw Ya Later in Mango
  • Macaw Ya Later in Dragon Fruit
  • Macaw Ya Later in Cloud
  • Butterfly Kisses in Papaya
  • Lil Jaguars in Papaya
  • Lil Jaguaras in Kiwi
  • Forbidden Fruit Snakcs in Mojito
  • Forbidden Fruit Snacks in Kiwi
  • Sundaze in Pineapple
  • Sundaze in Guava
  • Little Fluffy Clouds in Dragon Fruit

Small Petal Prints - 1/3 yard

  • True Colors Hexy in Sunshine
  • True Colors Hexy in Peach Blossom
  • True Colors Hexy in Flamingo
  • True Colors Hexy in Fire Fish
  • True Colors Hexy in Chameleon

Sashing - 1 3/4 yards

  • Sundaze in Cloud

White Backing - 2 3/4 yards

  • Fairy Frost in Paper

Binding - 1/3 yard

  • Tent Stripe in Poppy

When picking fabrics for this quilt, we chose to put the daydreamer collection as the large outer petals. This worked really well and made it possible to use lots of different prints. For the smaller inner petals, we chose 5 Hexy colors in rainbow order that coordinated with the main prints. To continue the Tula Pink Party, we picked one of the smaller scale daydreamer prints in blue to put behind our flying geese in the sashing. Swapping out the solid white for Fairy Frost Paper completed the look!

One of my favorite things about this collection is the inclusion of wide backs! I love wide backs for quilting, they make things so easy and eliminate any need for a seam. To make it even better, these wide backs have the texture of pure luxury! Seriously, grab one, you won't regret it. We chose Saturdaze in Pineapple and it is what I envision summer is in fabric form. You could easily swap out any of the colorways though and it would look amazing with the front.

When dealing with lots of fun prints, I like to keep the quilting more simple. I started with some loose ribbon candies in the inside petals and a couple echoes to fill in the outside petals. For the sashing, small arches along each edge gave texture and movement and was quick and easy to do! Since the quilting in the main elements was simpler, I opted for a little more in the background space. By quilting a diamond behind the petals, this worked to make the petals stand out and make them seem to jump forward off the quilt. Straight lines in a contrasting direction finish out the square and make the diamond really stand out!

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All we had left at this point was the binding. We used Tent Stripe in Poppy cut on the bias as a fun finish! Making bias binding is actually much quicker and easier than it sounds and can easily turn horizontal or vertical stripes onto the diagonal. If you want to make your own bias binding, check out our tutorial!

Continuous Bias Binding

After finishing this quilt, I want to go and scrappify (it's a word, trust me, don't look it up) more quilts! So, if you need me, I'll be digging through our scrap bins and hanging out behind my sewing machine!

Buy the Pattern - PDF

Happy Quilting!

Kimie and Missy 

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