Razzmatazz Quilt - Meet the Quilt

Kimberlee Tanner

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Construction Type: Traditional and Curved Piecing

Recommended Sewing Level:

Quilt Size(s): 64x74”

How it Came to Be:

Inspiration for our quilts come from all sorts of places. Razzmatazz was inspired by a logo I saw driving down the road one day. I loved the way they broke up the circle and decided to play with ways I could break up a circle and make it into a quilt pattern. The design came fairly quickly, but the final coloring took lots of playing and tweaking until just the right pieces were colored with just enough white left over to create the shapes, movement, and contrast that I wanted.

Buy the Pattern - PDF


  • How do I make sure that my templates are the right size?
    • We include a 1” square on all of our templates. This way if you purchase a PDF version and need to print it out, you can ensure that it is the right size.  You’ll want to make sure that your printer doesn’t default to the fit to page setting that some do.  Print it at actual size and then double check that square.
  • What if I have never sewn curves, can I still make this quilt?
    • This pattern is actually a great beginner curve pattern because of the size of the curves themselves. We also have videos that go over some of the different ways to sew curves so start there. Then start with the larger curves before moving to the smaller curves.  Just remember to go slow, be patient with yourself and sew with your needle down.
  • How do I cut out the fabric with these large template pieces?
    • First you will want to make sure that you tape your templates together correctly. We go over that in our video so make sure to check it out.  I like to tape both the front and the back to make sure nothing slides on me.  You will want to use the marks on the edges of the papers to ensure that your template pieces are lined up correctly.  Then you will want to cut them out on the dashed line, the solid line will be your sew line.  I used weights to hold the template on my fabric and then lined my ruler up and used my rotary cutter.  You can also use pins and cut them out with scissors if you prefer.
  • How do I keep my curves flat?
    • There are a couple of things that can help you keep your curves nice and flat
      • Starch – starching your fabric before cutting it can help keep it from stretching which can also help keep those curves flat.
      • Pressing – a really good press can sometimes be all you need to flatten out those curves. Adding a wool pressing mat and a clapper helps as well.
    • What’s the best way to press my seams/blocks?
      • Pressing is the magic word here. You want to make sure you press and not iron your seams or blocks.  We press seams and blocks on a wool pressing mat and use a quilters clapper to help flatten them as much as possible.

Quilting Plan:

This patten has just enough negative space to play with, but not so much to feel overwhelmed. I chose to keep things simple in the circle sections and then break up the negative space around the center motif and fill it in with different fills. 

Buy the Pattern - PDF

Tutorials the relate:

Come watch us sew the blocks together! It's like a mini class just for this pattern. You will need to purchase the pattern to complete the quilt. Use the chapters to jump ahead to the different blocks (they go in the order they are listed in the pattern).


Here is a list of other YouTube video tutorials that may be helpful as you put this quilt together.  There are many others as well so you might want to check out our channel and subscribe so you are notified when we upload new videos.

Curate a Fabric Bundle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJSMmn-O2bg

Sew Curves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1jwqokFcyc

Wool Pressing Mat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtzmWhLWDEk

Walking Foot Quilting (Curves): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl8jmPYLuGs


Different Quilt Colorways

Have you ever had a design that just worked with so many different color varieties?  We had so much fun playing with colors for this quilt that we couldn’t decide which combination was our favorite so we decided we had to make 2 to start.  Who knows, there may be more in our future.  Until then, we are providing you with lots of fun options to choose from.  Which color combination is your favorite?


Buy the Pattern - PDF

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Happy Quilting,

Kimie and Missy

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