10 Different Border Quilting Motifs

Kimberlee Tanner

Now that your quilt is done, it's time to quilt it, but how!?!?! Coming up with quilting motifs can be one of the hardest parts of quilting a quilt. I like to keep a sketchbook handy of all the different ideas I come across so I always have ideas to look back on. This week, we'll help you grow your idea list with 10 fun quilting motifs that work perfect in borders. Many of the designs can easily be adapted to different shapes or all over designs as well, so grab your sketch book and don't forget to pin this post to add to your quilting repertoire.


The quilt we are using is our Easy Jelly Roll quilt pattern. You can get the free tutorial here:

Easy Jelly Roll Quilt

I am quilting on our longarm, but you can quilt these motifs on the long arm or domestic machine. If using a domestic, I recommend quilting them vertically and rolling the ends of your quilt up so it fits and moves easily up and down through the throat of your machine.

Border Quilting Motif 1:

Border Quilting Motif 2:

Border Quilting Motif 3:

Border Quilting Motif 4:

Border Quilting Motif 5:

Border Quilting Motif 6:

Border Quilting Motif 7:

Border Quilting Motif 8:

Border Quilting Motif 9:

Border Quilting Motif 10:

I recommend grabbing a sketchbook and practicing all of the free motion quilting motifs first. Then when you are comfortable with them, head to your sewing machine and stitch them out. Doodling them first will help you feel more comfortable with how to move throughout the design and then when you are quilting, you can focus more of moving the fabric and already know where you are headed next.

If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see there are more then 10 quilting motifs, don't worry, the other 10 are coming soon!

If you have any questions, let us know!

Happy Quilting,

Kimie and Missy

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