Windswept Quilt - Meet the Quilt

Kimberlee Tanner

Meet the Quilt – Windswept


Construction Type:  Drunkards Path Blocks

Recommended Sewing Level: Confident Beginner

Quilt Size(s):  Includes layouts for Throw, Full and Queen/King

This quilt has exceeded all of our expectations. We had no idea how much love it would receive when we dreamt it up and we thank all of you for that. 

I love flowers, all kinds, but my favorites are orchids and plumerias.  Unfortunately they are a little harder to piece into a quilt.  But a 4 petal version of my plumeria was possible. 

I first designed this quilt with much smaller flowers and was planning to applique the yellow sections.  Then Kimie decided to see how small of a drunkards path we could feasibly ask people to make and adjusted the size of the flower to match that block.  This resulted in a much larger flower than we had anticipated so we had to figure out how to lay it out on a quilt.  It couldn’t be in traditional rows, it just wouldn’t work.  So we broke one up and kinda threw them on the quilt like flowers in the wind (see where we got the name). 

Then as Kimie was playing with colors she accidentally forgot to switch all the colors.  I told her it was the perfect mistake and we kept it. 

Whenever we can, we like to provide additional size layouts for our quilts.  While we love a good throw quilt, we want quilts on our beds as well.  Since we couldn’t decrease the size of our drunkards path any more, our additional layouts for this quilt had to be different than the original.  Our small throw features just one flower in the middle and our larger king gives us four flowers set on an angle.

It has been so fun to see this quilt in the wild and all the different color and fabric variations that people have come up with.  Excited to see what the future holds for Windswept.



  • What if I have never sewn curves, can I still make this quilt?
    • Of course, we have videos that go over some of the different ways to sew curves so start there. Then start with the larger curves, move to the medium size curves then you’ll be ready to tackle those small curves.  Just remember to go slow, be patient with yourself and sew with your needle down.
  • How do I make sure that my templates are the right size?
    • We include a 1” square on all of our templates. This way if you purchase a PDF version and need to print it out, you can ensure that it is the right size.  You’ll want to make sure that your printer doesn’t default to the fit to page setting that some do.  Print it at actual size and then double check that square.
  • What’s the best way to cut out the templates?
    • We use a different variety of methods, you might want to try a couple and determine which is best for you
      • Cut out the template and pin it to the fabric to cut out just like you would in garment sewing.
      • Cut out the template and trace it onto chip board. Then you can carefully cut around the chipboard with a rotary cutter.  I prefer to use the smaller blade ones for this.  This is the method I use for all of our quilts to start with.
      • Acrylic templates. This is by far the easiest method and we do offer them for some of our patterns.  Then you can use a rotary cutter to cut around them.
        • I also like to try to cut through more than one layer of fabric at a time and can do more using acrylic templates than I can using chipboard ones.


Here is a list of our YouTube video tutorials that may be helpful as you put this quilt together.  There are many others as well so you might want to check out our channel and subscribe so you are notified when we upload new videos.



Different Color Ways

We love to play with color and have provided you with a few different color ways to consider for this quilt.  We hope it helps inspire you to create your own version of our Windswept quilt.


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